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Self-ligating brackets.
This type of brackets fastened to the surface of the teeth with special glue, used with excellent results in both children and adults.

We use:
Self-ligating brackets of the latest generation:

  • Damon Q – watch the video about the system below
  • Damon Clear
  • In Ovation R
  • In Ovation C

innovative, clear brace treatment Insignia
Traditional braces, where the patient has a choice of metal ties,

  • porcelain,
  • sapphire Inspire – Ice
  • nickel-free – especially recommended for patients with allergy .

We also offer:

Removable appliances and trainers.

With their help we treat, among others, incorrect musculoskeletal habits and adjust the alignment of the teeth. This is particularly important when a child grows and permanent teeth are in a forming phase.

Retention appliances and retainers.

The retainer appliance is used after the orthodontic treatment is finished in order to maintain the therapeutic outcome.
They are an indispensable part of effective orthodontic treatment.

Removable appliances

These are so called “take off” appliances . They can be used by patients of all ages. They are worn for a night and for several hours during a day.



Show your smile to the world.
Fast and safe teeth whitening – Beyond technique uses the latest technology to filter the light to ensure maximum safety and comfort of patients. In this method, a chemical agent i based on peroxidehydrogen and silicon dioxide is used, which is light-activated by a special lamp (Beyond Whitening Accelerator ). Watch the video about the technique BEYOND below.

Thanks to the unique method of filtering light by BEYOND whitening occurs at lower temperatures than competing solutions, which reduces the risk of irritation to teeth and gums. In addition, the time to prepare the patient for treatment and duration of the whitening treatment has been reduced to a minimum.

The whole tooth whitening session lasts 30-45 minutes.
During the procedure :

  • coffee and tea discoloration,
  • change of color after smoking,
  • discoloration after use of medicines,eg.antibiotics will be removed



Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry allows you to adjust the shapes of individual teeth to the individual smile.This is achieved by the use of veneers or porcelain.The main difference is the durability of materials used, price and the indications and contraindications for each method. Choosing the type of treatment depends on patient.


Correction of the gums shape using a diode Microlaser. The diode laser can easily and painlessly reshape the gums without posttreatment discomfort.Diode laser also works well in the treatment of mouth ulcers or herpes.